Weishaupt Burners

ITT Controls also delivers products and components of the brand Weishaupt. In the market of heating and condensing systems, solar energy, heat pumps and building management Weishaupt is one of the market leaders.

With over 3000 employees worldwide Weishaupt is a major player in the market of petrochemical and process industries. Weishaupt developes and manufactures all major components of burners themselves. Obviously, this high-tech processes are standardized to achieve maximum precision. The company is also certified according to ISO 9001. Weishaupt has a rule that no concessions can and must be made in the field of materials. Quality is what counts and that is something ITT Controls can only agree.
Weishaupt products are so reliable that they actually are indestructible. If it does then it almost always are small parts that must be replaced. This is often cheaper than a completely new product to purchase. Here ITT Controls steps in. Do you need any advice or parts of Weishaupt products in petrochemical and process industry then ITT Controls is the right place to be.
ITT Controls delivers besides Weishaupt products and components for the petrochemical and process industries also other products liks manual valves, filters, pressure regulators, butterfly valves, pressure switches, combination controls, electronic flame detection and control, pilot burners and burners, further inflammation and control devices, thermoelectric safety, heating controllers Comfort Controls, measuring and test equipment and many other products in the petrochemical and process industries.
Weishaupt products:
  • Weishaupt gas, oil and dual fuel burners
  • Weishaupt Large burners
  • Weishaupt burners with multiflam® technology
  • Weishaupt Industrial burners
  • Weishaupt burners in marine execution
  • Weishaupt gas burners
If you want more information on products, parts and accessories of Weishaupt in the oil and gas industry please contact the sales department at info@ittcontrols.com

Piezo Ignition

ITT Controls gives optimal care to clients with the widest possible range of products and brands. ITT Controls wants to meet the demand for different components and alternatives in the oil and gas industry.

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RegO Regulators

ITT Controls also supplies products of Rego Cryoflow. Rego products are designed for industrial gas and cryogenic applications.

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